Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Talkr beta launches

We launched the Talkr beta on April 15th. We've gotten some great feedback, and made a number of changes -- both to the underlying functionality and to the user interface itself. We had quite a few folks ask for invitations to the beta -- more, in fact, than we had planned to give out. We have just begun to send out a few more -- so if you wanted one, and we didn't get in touch with you, please send me another request at cbrooks at talkr dot com.

For those of you that haven't looked at talkr.com, let me give you a brief introduction.

Talkr provides a service that allows people to listen to any text feed. Want the New York Times headlines as a podcast? Point Talkr to the NYT's feed, and point your podcast client to Talkr. Want to listen to your favorite blog? Point us to their feed -- we will convert that feed from text to speech and make a podcast available.

Curious about the sound quality of our podcasts? Here's a link to a 3 minute audio version of a post that I wrote entitled "The quiet 600-pound gorilla".

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