Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bloggers that have mentioned Talkr's Sale

For those of you "avidly" following Talkr's sale, I thought I'd point to some of the bloggers that have written so far.

Read / Write Web (a long-time user of Talkr) provides the most in-depth post and suggests that Talkr may not be the last Web 2.0 company on the market. Emergency Trap wonders whether Talkr is giving up too soon. 21Talks hopes Talkr will find a buyer. Tycoon's Row provides an alliterative title and describes Talkr as "outstanding". One by One Media suggests that someone with deep pockets ought to roll up Talkr and several other Web 2.0 companies for a later buyout.

Of course, these are just quick summaries -- several of the posts (and comments) offer measured doses of criticism as well.

I'll continue to summarize posts over the next few days.


Larry said...

Here is one more post on your problems.

I am a California State University professor, and we are facing large legal problems with accessibility. Talkr can solve some of those problems -- have you tried marketing it to organizations like CSU?

Larry Press

Anonymous said...


Would like to have a quick chat about Talkr with you. Please write to me with contact information.

ashishchordia AT