Thursday, January 29, 2009

New experiment in selling domain names

I've written in the past (here and here) about my attempts to sell keyword-rich, but typein-traffic-poor domains. I'm going to try again.

I'm going to sell the domain name via a reverse auction, using Twitter as the platform. Starting at 8:00 am CST tomorrow, I'll twitter the initial price of the domain on my Twitter account (you can follow me here: The initial price will be less than $100. If you want to buy the domain, just reply (publicly) to my tweet with the word "SOLD", and we'll work out the payment details (via PayPal). The first reply with the word "SOLD" will win the domain.

If the domain doesn't sell at the initial price, I'll drop the price a few hours later -- and continue dropping the price during the day.

The name I'm going to sell is: Google's AdWords keyword tool show 246,000 queries for the term "curtain rod" per month, with a clicks costing $1.33 apiece. Given that consumers are holding off on larger home improvement purchases, my guess is that they're shifting their spending to less expensive repairs and improvements around the house. (Indeed, Google's December traffic numbers for "curtain rod" show 301,000 queries, rather than the average of 246k queries.)

Generic keyword domains are great tools for ranking on the keyword in question, so you could easily tie this domain name with content from a service like and potentially develop a valuable site for a very small investment.

If you have questions about the auction or the domain, please feel free to leave a comment, or email me at: madbury at gmail.

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