Thursday, July 16, 2009 -- great end-user domain

I always like to see great domain names put to use by end users (as opposed to domainers), so I wanted to give a shout out to John Sowden. John works for (an online appliance parts retailer) as their VP of something, and he's been really helpful with a couple of articles that we've published.

He pinged me last month to say that he had launched a site for his appliance repair show called (appropriately enough): John's been working in the appliance industry for more than 2 decades and he really knows his stuff. If you're interested in radio along the lines of "Car Talk for Appliances" check it out.

By the way, from a domainer's point of view is a fantastic name. My stats show that people are much more likely to type-in a domain name that's "" than one that's "" (ie, and my guess is that that gives "NounVerb" domains a bit of a boost in search engine results as well (the domain name is one of the few bits of data that the user gets to see before they click).

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