Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Pheedo scores early advertising wins for podcasters

Pheedo, a company known for its AdWords-like advertising on blogs and rss feeds, has brokered advertising agreements for two podcasters: Eric Rice and the Chris Pirillo Show. Pheedo's blog entry is here. Other coverage is here and here.

I think the deal with Chris Pirillo is interesting, in that Citrix (the company sponsoring the advertisment) is experimenting with pay-for-performance (PPP) metrics on the podcast. Pirillo will be using a Citrix product in his podcasts, and listeners can use a promotional code to register for a free trial of the product. PPP advertising is a natural fit for podcasters given that standard web advertising metrics will be hard to come by.

Hats off to Pheedo!

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Bill Flitter said...

Thanks for including Pheedo on your blog and thanks for the kind words. The Warner Brother's band, The Used, is the one we should be congratulating. They are the first band under a major label breaking new ground.