Tuesday, September 06, 2005

On hitting important milestones

The following represents a bit of shameless promotion of some of the milestones that Talkr has hit since our launch in May.

Perhaps most importantly, Talkr has signed up more than 350 partners in the past 2 months. These partners hail from more than 40 countries, including such far off places (at least relative to my current latitude and longitude) as Sweden, Japan, Cambodia and Middle Earth.

On the content creation side, Talkr currently tracks just under 1000 feeds, and has created more than a quarter of a million audio files. (If you read that sentence twice, and then wondered if there was a mistake, the answer is no -- those are accurate numbers. Some of these feeds are updated frequently. Of the nearly 1000 feeds that we track, 143 have more than 250 posts. The three most frequently published feeds account for nearly 75,000 posts since late April 2005.)

On the listening side, we're averaging between 1000 and 1500 downloads a day. The majority of downloads come from readers that listen to audio directly from our partners' sites, or through talkr.com. The remainder represent files downloaded by podcasting clients.

Thanks for suffering through that onslaught of infoporn. We have a lot of development going on now, and plan to announce new functionality in the near future.

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Ted Demopoulos said...

I've gotten great feedback since joining the Talkr partners program. I have no idea how many people listen from my blog, but they seem to like it.
One gentlemen downloads my posts and listens while biking, another uses Talkr audio of TheTedRap to annoy his wife, one lady comments on how her cat loves to hear Talkr.

I love giving my readers - errr, visitors, options. Read, read via RSS/Atom, listen via Talkr.

Next big idea - Smell-o-vision! Oh, it's already patented?? I stink anyways :)