Friday, July 08, 2005

Talkr denies rumor that it will debut new features at Web 2.0

For immediate release.

"We vigorously deny the rumor that Talkr will debut a fascinating set of new features at the Web 2.0 conference this year" says Chris Brooks, CEO of web 2.0 company "However," Mr Brooks continued, "We are planning the release of some really cool stuff at about that time. It's just that we aren't sure that the Web 2.0 conference would be the proper venue."

He later retracted that statement, saying "Okay, okay. Yes. Actually, the Web 2.0 conference would be the perfect venue. It's just that, on moral principles, we are completely opposed to that sort of blatant self-promotion."

Mr Brooks continued, "In fact, we would like to explicitly discourage anyone with an interest in Web 2.0 from suggesting to the conference organizers that they should include Talkr in the agenda. Please do not read John Battelle's blog entry asking for input from the community, and please do not use the web page provided explicitly for this purpose to request that Talkr make a presentation. Thank you. We appreciate your complete lack of support."


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