Thursday, July 07, 2005

An open invitation to podcast your blog with Talkr

Talkr has been providing podcasts for a select group of bloggers since our launch on May 9th of this year. Our pitch is simple: we will convert your text-only blog into a podcast for free. We will monitor your blog every hour, and convert each new article into an mp3 audio file using the best speech synthesis software on the market. We will host those audio files and provide you with an RSS feed (and bandwidth) to make it easy for your readers to get access to your podcast. If you are interested in generating revenue, you may choose to link to Talkr from your blog. If one of your readers becomes a paying subscriber to Talkr, we will give you a share of that revenue.

Until now, we have asked bloggers to submit their blogs, and then wait a couple of days until we have time to review their blog and issue an invitation. This 2-day delay is now a thing of the past. Any blogger can now use Talkr's new self-serve podcasting tool to configure a podcast of their text-only blog. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes.

So, if you currently have a blog, and you'd like to work with Talkr, please point your web browser to and click on the button entitled "Want a free podcast of your blog?".


hubert guillaud said...

Great technology. But not available in french. "Dommage".

Hans on Experience said...

I entered my blog but I cannot hear the MP3: