Monday, December 05, 2005

Talkr hires its first investor...

I'm proud to announce that Talkr has added its first employee. Or, perhaps that's more accurately phrased as: Talkr has acquired its first investor. Dave Liloia has agreed to come on board as Talkr's Director of Network Development. His job will be to work with the bloggers that use Talkr's services to improve the existing feature set and bring in new ideas.

Since Talkr is a small, unfunded company, Dave has agreed to work part-time for Talkr in exchange for equity. That's a good deal for Talkr, because Dave is fantastic (he's the guy that came up with the tagline "Letting blogs speak for themselves") ; and hopefully, it will end up being a good deal for Dave as well. (It also fails to break the bank, which hiring Dave with cash most certainly would.)

Speaking of hiring, Talkr still needs more help. In particular, we need some Perl geeks that are interested in working on cutting edge problems. (I may have an announcement to make in this area in the near future, but I'd be happy to make two or three announcements.) If you like what Talkr does; if you're comfortable working with the LAMP stack; and if you'd like to help make Talkr better, please send me an email at Please include a couple of specific ideas for how to improve Talkr, and give me a sense of your Perl chops.

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Nathan Pitman said...

Hey, great to hear that you have some further input on your project. I've been having a play with Talkr and must say I'm very impressed.

I think there are a bunch of great features you could add to the service, (I have some ideas) and many ways in which you could raise the profile of the company to appeal to the huge market of potential partners out there in the blogging world.

If you'd be interested in a chat about how I might be able to help, drop me an email 'hello at nathan pitman dot com'. :)