Friday, January 27, 2006

Quick update

Just a quick note -- we've been working on improving Talkr's stability, and have begun to add a few new features. As we mentioned previously, Talkr had some problems with downtime in October and November. Since then, we've spent a good deal of time figuring out what caused the downtime, and we've added scripts to address those problems. We have also added an automatic site monitor, and negotiated the system administration services of Todd Finney, aka Boy Genius. With the exception of a bit of flaky code on January 17th, we've had a very nice month, thank you very much.

We've also started coding a set of feature improvements: first up is a long-overdue tool to allow bloggers to force a refresh of the audio that Talkr has created from their blogs. Just login to your free Talkr Partners account, and click on "Refresh this feed". Much more to come.


b!X said...

(1) Is there no way to "ping" talkr so it will generate a new audio file right when a new item is published?

(2) Why are so talkr audio feeds present the newst item LAST rather than FIRST, which is the norm for blogs and feeds?


MOYA said...
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Capt B said...

I just want to add a "listen" tab on my blog and have you record it. It thst possible

Anonymous said...

It has been 4 months since you last posted any news on your blog Chris.

You are a sleepy developper!.. or maybe not..

There is nothing exciting going on here! No new features, niente, nada!